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PIP™ Conveyors

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Introducing PIP

Swanson PIP™ Conveyors are all new, aimed to satisfy the imaginations of multiple station machine designers, builders, and users.


Precision, Indexing, Positioning (PIP) (or, continuous motion) are inherent characteristics. 


This compact, accurate, easy to install unit is available in a variety of numbers of positions, incremental work transfers, and overall lengths are available, in carousel, over and under, and vertical configurations up to 3,000mm (120") overall in length; with standard increments of 50mm (2"), 75mm (3"), and 112.5mm (4.5"). 


They are available with direct servo, servo-cam, or cam displacement drives; with incremental load carrying capacity up to 2kg (4.4 lbs.); with intermittent cycle rates up to 350 cpm. 


Applications include:

  • Alternative to dial configurations

  • Small assembly/testing/gaging machines

  • Interconnecting between machines

  • Parts, subassembly, puck conveyance

  • Accumulation 

  • Robotic systems 

  • Heating/cooling 

  • Welding


Swanson PIP™ Conveyors assure functional success, and their low cost better permits financial justification of multiple station machine programs. They encourage cooperative machine development between all parties: designers, builders, users.



  • Index positioning accuracy: ± 0.1mm (± 0.004") 

  • Indexing cycle rates: up to 350 cpm 

  • Variable lengths up to 2,700mm (106") between centers, 3,000mm (118") overall

  • Carousel, over and under, vertical configurations


PIP Conveyor

500 - 2700 mm

Chart showing link size, A(mm) and number of links.
Showing link dimensions: overall height: 130mm and 63.5mm coupling.
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